The Interview

Step One: The Interview

Our interview process helps us determine the extent of your hearing impairment or damage and informs us to focus in on any specific areas requiring further attention. Some typical questions we ask are:

  • Has anyone in your family ever had hearing problems before?

  • In the past or currently have you had any illnesses or injuries that might affect your hearing?

  • In the past or currently are you taking any medications that might have contributed to your hearing impairment?

  • Does your work subject you to loud noises or do other leisure activities subject you to loud noises?

Step Two: The Examination

Our hearing care specialists look closely inside of your ear to figure out if there is an obstruction in your ear or damage to your canal or eardrum. If there is an obstruction or damage to your ear canal or drum we will refer you to a specialist. Our specialists use an instrument called an otoscope.


The Examination


Hearing Tests

Step Three: Hearing Tests

After our interview and examination we will need to figure out the level of your hearing loss. We may include some of the following tests to determine the level of your hearing loss.

  • A hearing screening to measure your hearing at four frequencies at 25 decibels each.

  • A speech assessment to measure how well you hear and understand regular conversation at varying volumes.

  • A middle-ear evaluation to measure how your eardrum and hearing react to different degrees of air pressure.

Our specialists will help determine whether you are have trouble hearing low or high pitches and the steps needed to take moving forward.

Step Four: Hearing Aids

Our specialists will work with you to match the best hearing aid for your lifestyle needs, the hearing aid prescribed will be specifically designed to treat your unique hearing loss. The main components of a hearing aid includes a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a small processor. The exceptional technology of your devices is the outcome of a powerful combination of professional expertise, software, and hardware.


Hearing Aids